There are 3 conference halls and 3 business launches in QISHLAQ to host your business meeting and event. It is a comfortable hub for the traders, visitors, contractors, tourists, and families. We have aimed to present a one-stop-center/hub for all businessmen/women to not only enjoy a holistic lifestyle during their stay in Afghanistan, but also take advantage of all the supportive businesses/contacts/relations we package at their “door”. We offer and organize business-to-business mix and match via our “Costumer Services” department. Our services department packages, for example, include logistic, supply, construction, travel agency, rental, booking, defense lawyers, and HR.

QISHLAQ creates a business center/hub for safe and comfortable and confidential trade deals and negotiations. Through our hospitality and services department, traders will benefit the joy of having business events, celebrations, receptions, and private parties.